''This Mother Forever'' (12")

Belief system fails, leaves behind a spiritual void...

Vinyl and Sleeve (Picture from ebay):
Generic plain white sleeve and white label vinyl, both stamped.
The vinyl was only available at the release show, so if you weren't there and you didn't 'win' the ebay copy, then you might be waiting a while... but do you really need to own this when it's just a bit of plastic and a few bits of white paper?

Yes, obviously...

The ebay ad mentioned a poster; maybe it's a lyric sheet like this?



Tracks: This Mother Forever B/W  Our Own Blood
Year: 2016
Label: Fucked Up records (Self release) FU: 014
Matrix A
Matrix B
(Watch those spaces)

Pressing Info: (Figures kindly confirmed by Slasher Records)
1st Press 250 copies

See above

Stamped version - some were stamped with the band logo and made available for a show at the Echo in Los Angeles...


1. Similar package to the "Looking For Gold" 12", but without the pasted artwork. In fact no artwork at all (assuming the insert is as above). This reassures me that "Nothing is Everything" as I contemplate the 12" space on my shelf, where this record should be.

2. "Then we are taken on a journey through the void - we witness the inner workings of the universe"  From Pitchfork review describing the segment commencing at 8:04.

3. "Our Own Blood" features Inuit Throat Singer Tanya Tagaq.