Thank God

Son: Mummy mummy mummy, please buy this record, I've wanted it forever (nearly 6 months)

MOTHER: Mummy wants you to be happy, but $75.00? That’s outrageous; he probably bought it 2 days ago for like $10 or $15

SON: It's a simple case of  supply and demand, mummy, supply and demand. 

MOTHER: That’s not the point. Some poor little punk kids made that record with their bare hands and bits of their souls and they probably only got $5 to share between their whole family.
SON: Making a profit is nothing to be ashamed of. We live in a consumer capitalist society, the little punk kids get their $5, the man gets his profit, we get the record.

THE FATHER: That's right son and it's called REALITY, be sure to keep it going or else something bad will happen.

The End