Time and time again

the eggs cracked on the wall, i can't think straight at all
the sky fills with clocks, the hands spin like a top 

humping, thumping, they won't give me a break 

pressure from the inside makes my head ache

mad as a march hare, two days late 

they stole all my time and ate all my space 

''Year Of The Snake''

(Draft in progress)


Tracks: Year Of The Snake B/W Passacaglia
Year: 2017
Label: Tankcrimes
Matrix A: 
Matrix B: 

Pressing Info: 
First Press: 
250 - Black vinyl*
350 - Splatter vinyl*
400 - Picture disc*

1000 - Clear vinyl

*All variants except clear come with a bonus black 7" flexi disc with a remix of the title track by Container 

Test Pressings: 15 

Four vinyl variants as above, 3 come with bonus flexi disc


Watch the space below -  after a while shapes and symbols will appear before your eyes :

Commodity Fetishism:

"Year of The Snake" 12" Test pressing Side 'A' - this one comes with bonus Thumb of the Scotty (LHS), Turin shroud style reflected image of  the Scotty (bottom LHS) and possible tree of life reflected image  (bottom RHS)
pic: borrowed from Tankcrimes Twitter