Time and time again

the eggs cracked on the wall, i can't think straight at all
the sky fills with clocks, the hands spin like a top 

humping, thumping, they won't give me a break 

pressure from the inside makes my head ache

mad as a march hare, two days late 

they stole all my time and ate all my space 

''Year Of The Snake''

(Draft in progress)


Tracks: Year Of The Snake B/W Passacaglia
Year: 2017
Label: Tankcrimes
Matrix A: 
Matrix B: 

Pressing Info: 
First Press: 
250 - Black vinyl*
350 - Splatter vinyl*
400 - Picture disc*

1000 - Clear vinyl

*All variants except clear come with a bonus black 7" flexi disc with a remix of the title track by Container 

Test Pressings: 15 

Four vinyl variants as above, 3 come with bonus flexi disc


Watch the space below -  after a while shapes and symbols will appear before your eyes :

Commodity Fetishism:

"Year of The Snake" 12" Test pressing Side 'A' - this one comes with bonus Thumb of the Scotty (LHS), Turin shroud style reflected image of  the Scotty (bottom LHS) and possible tree of life reflected image  (bottom RHS)
pic: borrowed from Tankcrimes Twitter

''No Paseran''


"Thomas the Tank Engine"
Artwork for front panel of cassette  

Tracks dubbed on to used cassettes as per the Demo cassette. Cassette finished with FU logo stickers. (Image courtesy of Del Taylor)

Inlay - four panel single-sided xerox copy
(Image courtesy of Del Taylor)


1, No Paseran
2. Circling The Drain
3. There Is A Light That Never Comes On
4. Generation
5. Red

Year: 2002
Label: Self release

Sold / given away in 2002, presumably prior to the vinyl version being available.

Lyrics and credits cropped from inlay sheet